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How to make Igbo return to their region


By Chinonso Alozie, 

Owerri The Southeast Governors have been advised to use their positions to fix roads in the region as well as stabilize power generation, in order to attract industrialization.

 The President of Umuimo Connect, Mr. Ndubuisi Emenike, stated this, Tuesday, to Vanguard in Owerri, while reacting to the various challenges facing Ndigbo in Nigeria. He argued that with the provision of steady power supply and road infrastructure businesses would be boosted in the region. According to Emenike, “If you don’t know, it is only when we fix the Power and have good road network in the Southeast region that will make our brothers and sisters come back and develop our region. Let me say this, power generation and standard road system will solve the problem of Ndigbo. “We are very good in business and with good roads and power, the commercial activities will increase and there will be efficiency in production of goods and services. “Here this, do you know that our brothers who are doing business in the southeast region are running their generator set for 24 hours and it is difficult for them to grow their businesses. “In a situation, we have sufficient power supply and well connected road system, both at the rural and urban areas, the resultant effect, is that it will boost economic activities at the rural areas and help local economies develop. “When we have these things put in place, you will agree with me that the money used for things like running a generator set will be used to support their businesses to grow. “Another benefit is that, it will reduce the cost of production and bring down the prices of  commodities. By doing so, the level of suffering will be addressed and people will begin to live up to the standard.”