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Ifeanyi Ubah goes to Senate


“I am going to the senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a proven investor, as a human capacity builder, as a man who has given everything for the benefit of my people, as a man who has accepted to be deprived of everything to save the soul of my people, as a man who advanced in wealth without being in government and is always ready to defend the course of Ndị Igbo. I have seen wealth and I have seen where wealth will take us to but any wealth that is not protected by the policy of government is not wealth.

Therefore, it’s time to give federal government protection to the wealth of the Igbo nation.”

We couldn’t agree more with him because he feels the need to sponsor and promote bills that will protect the common Igbo man doing business on the street and give back to Igbos their lost businesses and political economies.

Let’s keep supporting #EbubeAbuja2019 #AfaIgboEfunaNaSenate #IfeanyiUbah4AnambraSouth