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Man kills python in Lagos


Man kills python in Lagos

By Christopher Oji

A man yesterday killed a python that attacked him in his residence at the Illogbo area of Lagos. The python came into Ugochukwu Chigbue’s home at about 1.30 am and they battled for about 10 minutes before the man killed the huge snake with a cutlass.

Chigbue, told Daily Sun: “I killed it by the intervention of God. It was around 1.00am that I started hearing my two puppies barking. I became inquisitive and decided to know what was wrong with them. There was no electricity, so I used my phone’s torchlight to check why they were troubled, as it seemed. I was with my cutlass.

He explained: “As I was pointing the light around, I saw a very big python but before I could retreat, the python attacked me and I started fighting it with my cutlass. God gave me victory over the devil, as I killed the big Snake. I thank God for giving me victory. The snake wanted to swallow the dogs but as I disturbed it, it became aggressive and wanted to kill me. I thank God that I went with a machete. If I had gone there unarmed, it would have been a different story. The snake was so hungry that it became too aggressive but God gave me the strength to defeat the devil.

“I think the snake was sent from the pit of hell because there is no thick bush in my area. Where would the snake be hiding ever since? I was given the message last year. I went to a Church for prayers and in the night, I saw a python. l killed it and a white substance was coming out of its mouth.