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Who Did The Celebration Better – Messi Or Ronaldo?


Who Did The Celebration Better – Messi Or Ronaldo?


Cristiano Ronaldo scored the winner for Real Madrid in the first leg of their Spanish Super Cup clash against Barcelona, and he celebrated by seemingly imitating Lionel Messi’s famous jersey-holding celebration. Who did it better, though?

One of the biggest arguments in modern day football is the famous debate regarding who is better between the two iconic players, and it seems the discussion has now extended to their celebrations too.

“CR7” is generally known for his “Superman” pose when he celebrates, while Messi can often be found kissing his wedding ring and pointing to the heavens. However, in one of the more recent El Clasico fixtures, the Catalan star took off his jersey and swung it around to show his name to the fans.

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That celebration went viral, which resulted in it being turned into memes.

Ronaldo seemingly couldn’t resist the temptation to poke fun at it, and after coming off the bench at the Camp Nou, he pulled off the same celebration after scoring the winner in Sunday night’s outing.

What makes it more hysterical is how Ronaldo often claims to not be fazed by Messi and his accomplishments, yet he went and duplicated the iconic celebration. Was it a bit of revenge? Or was he just trying to poke fun at the situation? 

Regardless of the reason behind it, Ronaldo landed up looking even sillier in the eyes of Barcelona fans because he ended up getting sent off for receiving a second yellow card – the first came as a result of him taking his shirt off. 

So, we want to know, who did it better – Messi or Ronaldo? 

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