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Yoruba ’ll emerge president in 2019 –Prophet


Prophet Onyekachukwu Okolie, is the Founder and General Overseer, Living Abundance (Mount Zion) Prophetic and Deliverance Ministry, Ikotun, Lagos.
In 2015, he prophesied that Muhammadu Buhari would win the presidential edition, having seen Jonathan’s car in a vision broken down and Buhari’s car overtaking him. The prophet, fondly called “Cause Trouble” because of his deliverance and prophetic prowess, has once again made startling revelations ahead of 2019.
How did you come about the nickname “Cause Trouble”?
(Laughs) I am not a troublemaker as a person. It is actually God Almighty who causes trouble for the evil ones through me as his anointed representative. The origin of the name ‘Cause Trouble’ came in the course of our normal worship sessions. It was based on a portion of the scripture which says ‘call upon me in the days of trouble, and I will answer you. The God of Israel that answers prayers’.
It happened that, in one of our night vigil programmes, I encountered a lady who was tormented greatly by demons. She was, indeed under the captivity of witches and demons. The scenario was quite charged; it was a battle between me and forces of the kingdom holding her captive. Truly, most people thought that I would be defeated, but, suddenly, a chant resonated from the congregation ‘Daddy cause trouble for them, enter their kingdom and cause trouble for my enemies.’ At last, I decreed prophetically and cause a great trouble in their evil kingdom.
In the end, the lady was delivered and set free. Interestingly, that same lady is, today, one of the most dedicated workers in my ministry. Because of what happened that night, people (not only members of my church) now call me by that name ‘Cause Trouble.’  But the truth still remains that it is God that is causing the trouble for the evil forces through my humble self.
What is your take on the recent Ozubulu church massacre?
What happened in Ozubulu is most unfortunate; it is an abomination of the highest order. However, it would serve as a wakeup call to we Christian leaders to buckle up; it is also a sign to show that the much prophesied end time is near. I sympathise with the bereaved families, and I pray to God Almighty to give them the courage to bear the loss and move on.
Nigerians and the World should move closer to God, because he is the only answer to all our earthly problems. I wish to send a note of warning to church leaders to do proper check on the personality and background of whomever wants to build or make any form of contribution to the church. It is not right to allow people with tainted and polluted hands to build the house of God. It is recorded in the bible that God stopped David from building the temple of Jerusalem because he (David) had so much blood on his hands; God rather raised Solomon (David’s son) to accomplish the task.
Again, I do not agree with people who say that once somebody dies in the house of God, that such a person is guaranteed a place in heaven. What I believe is that what takes you to heaven is on the basis of the life you lived on earth. No matter where you meet your death, when one dies as a sinner, he or she is going straight to hell fire.
What is your view on the claims that the Igbo people originated from Israel?
Yes, of course! The Igbo people are Hebrews from Israel. They have common traits with the Hebrews. The word Jewish is a misnomer. Jewish, is a term used for people who misbehaved and are not orderly. The states of Israel today, hold the Igbo people in very high esteem because they share both biological and ethnic ties. Several portions of the bible including Genesis 48:18 and Leviticus chapter 12 vividly lend credence to the fact that the Igbo people are one of the 12 tribes of Israel.
Is it true that you prophesied about the outcome of the 2015 Presidential election?
I said it and it came to pass that Jonathan would vacate Aso Rock for Buhari to take over in 2015. Before the election proper in April 2015, God revealed to me that the then President Goodluck Jonathan had lost out even before the first ballot was cast. The Holy Spirit showed me where Jonathan and Buhari embarked on a journey. Suddenly, Jonathan’s car broke down, while Buhari speedily overtook him. Having gone too far, Buhari looked back and saw Jonathan far behind him looking helpless and dejected.
Buhari pulled over and got to Jonathan, commanded him to enter the car and finally used his (Buhari) car to tow both Jonathan and his car and zoomed off on a very high speed. When I woke up it dawned on me that Jonathan was bound to lose the election and it happened just the way I saw it. I also predicted the current hardship ravaging the country right now. On December 31, 2015, during the New Year eve service I warned the congregation to brace up for hard times that will befall the country. It was like what the Bible recorded in 2Kings 7:1 where there was so much famine and drought in the land that men had to slaughter their own offspring for food. I urged the worshippers to be strong in prayers to survive the ugly situation.
Any prophesy for 2019?
God has clearly revealed to me what will happen in 2019. President Muhammadu Buhari will complete his tenure, but will not run for the elections in 2019. The Holy Spirit told me that the next president of Nigeria will come from Yoruba land. Note it down this day that I, Prophet OnyekachukwuOkoli, prophesied that a Yoruba man will emerge as the president of Nigeria in 2019.