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“I am a thief” tattooed on teen’s forehead


“I am a thief” tattooed on Brazilian teen’s forehead
newsheadlines.com.ngTuesday, June 13, 2017 04:38“I am a thief” tattooed on teens forehead for stealingTwo men have been arrested and charged with torture in south-eastern Brazil accused of tattooing “I’m a thief” on the forehead of a teenager, police say.The suspects said the 17-year-old boy had tried to steal a bike, which he denies. His family says he has mental health problems and is a drug user.Police identified the men after they shared a video online of them making the tattoo.An online campaign has been created to help the boy get the tattoo removed.The suspects, aged 27 and 29, confessed to writing the message, which said in Portuguese “I’m a thief and loser”, as a “punishment”.Police in the city of Sao Bernardo do Campo, in Sao Paulo state, have not yet confirmed that the attempted robbery took place.The boy said he had fallen over the bike for being “very drunk”, but that he was not trying to steal it.The two men caught the boy, tied his hands and feet and said they would tattoo him. 

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