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img_49819096112231The idea of “MADE IN NIGERIA GOODS” (MING) is not a bigoted nor superficial show of patriotism. Rather, it focuses on National partnership to develop a kind of collective commerce-pattern that positively impacts our National development.

For one, it enhances the utility value of goods as products. Consequently, services are tailored to the specific orientation and cultural needs of the Nigerian people.

Further, there is a direct link to favorable balance of trade and consequent impact on the nation’s economy. In this era of global employment crisis, creating a regulated and consistent market framework for MADE IN NIGERIA GOODS will boost entrepreneurial aptitude, provide a viable platform for the Nigerian people to express, showcase and earn value for their creative input.

In our drive towards a diversified and sustainable economy, it is cardinal for Nigeria to build internal structures that establishes her as an independent commercial hub wherein her position is strengthened in the course of International collaborations and her negotiation powers leveraged by a culture of home-grown technical expertise.

Fortunately, the processes to this ideal are already underway, and sensitization is in full drive. There are no trade demarcations, and everybody is a potential stakeholder.

This online Portal is our immediate contact-spot where ideas are exchanged and harnessed for seamless business development and capacity building activities.

People’s success must not only hinge on political permutations. At some rare times, the tool for change lies wholly in our own hands. This is one of those moments.

Do not let the message stop with you. Broadcast it everywhere, at work, at play and on the Social networks: PING the MING!