Home Programs


1. TFMING (Trade fair for Made in Nigeria Goods): We organize and package trade fair for our indigenous home made goods annually, in supervisory partnership with commerce and industries.

photo-12. MING MAGAZINE: We package and showcase made in Nigeria goods in our magazine called MING magazine Limited, the first of its kind in Nigeria in promoting and advertising Nigeria manufactured goods to get to the corridor of the end users.

3. MING TV SHOW / RADIO PROGRAMME: Through these media we advertise made in Nigeria goods weekly on each of our programmes as mentioned above, tagged PING the MING.

img-20130920-wa00004. MING FACE:  is a beauty pageant show educating our young girls who has diverse talents in showbiz, getting them busy with positive things and as such pushing them to viable and productive use. The winner of this pageant (MING FACE) goes home with numerous gifts and endorsement – see MING FACE for details.