Darling, is true we may have the lane of love trespassed,
But Is better we let go these pasts;
They will do us no good than harm
With my heart lost I no longer know who I am. ___Cyrilz_

But look straight at the moon tonight,
you will know we are never apart,
I can barely write these lines,
But your beauty brings out the lines and
make it rhyme. ___Mr Humble_

All to you the princess of my night.
You came when all seems to have turned from right,
You put in place and alas! the prison break that came,
The captive is free and from his shackles escaped. ___Cyrilz_

This is not just a reaction from my emotion,
But a confession of my submission,
I wish you only knew.
Yet I’m still invisible to you.
your love is so sweet,it knocks me off my feet”
Show me a road path, leading straight into your heart. ___Mr Humble_

It breaks me we don’t mention our names
Still to you is my love unfeigned
you have seem different a glowing look
A new page for my closing book. ___Cyrilz_

Beneath your beauty lies your behind,
That why you never fall behind.
I wanna cave you a bear hug,
then settle for friendship,
In other not to make a mess
as i go to bed,
be in my dream tonight,
because in reality,
It’s all i have ever dreamed of,
you are my secret crush. ___Mr Humble_

You are always the sight I felt
And at each time my heart melts
But these past have built on us a hedge
I respect it’s gentle way and the bliss it gave. ___Cyrilz_

This is just to tell you how I feel,
But the voices inside me makes me hush,
So I keep it down inside my heart,
Hoping that nothing falls apart,
Where ever you go, my heart will follow,
But sadly, ever, only I will know,
I hope my heart will never be broken,
All because of my love unspoken. ___Mr Humble_

© Cyrilz et Mr Humble
April, 2019