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Some of your cabinet members are corrupt, clergy tells Buhari


Emmanuel Oluwayemi

The Deputy General Overseer of the Gospel Faith Mission International (GOFAMINT), Dr. Emmanuel Oluwayemi, has alleged that many people working with President Muhammadu Buhari have corruption charges to answer.

He urged Buhari to fight corruption among his cabinet members, and change his anti-graft crusade strategy so as to achieve results.Oluwayemi made the comments in Akure, Ondo State at the weekend during an interactive session with journalists on his three-day visit to the church in the region.

Though the cleric acknowledged that President Buhari had done a lot in the fight against corruption, he said there were some deficiencies in the crusade.

“We all know that one of the greatest problems of this country is corruption. It has eaten deep into the conscience of the nation. That is why virtually all our institutions are not working,” he said.

He noted that corruption started in the country when many Nigerians lost their rich value systems to crazy chase after money. “The lust for money has killed the conscience of the nation to the extent that people now do anything to get money. Cases brought before the court by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) are dragging for too long. The courts should do more work to deal with cases faster and decisively. If we have all these cases in court and convictions are not made, the whole exercise may just be a waste of time,” the cleric said. He urged the judiciary to exhibit practical support for the anti-graft war.

Oluwayemi, who said Buhari had been trying his best to solve various problems confronting the country, stated that the president had the right to seek reelection in 2019.